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Castella Imports, Inc.

Welcome to Castella Marketplace! Your global marketplace for gourmet specialty foods. We bring premium products to your table from all corners of the world. We have a choice line of spices and seasonings that will add that fresh and fragrant flavor to your dishes. Our olive oil selection spans the regions where olive oil originated, including some of the finest Greek and Italian oils available. We search for the finest olives available from the Mediterranean, carrying popular favorites such as Kalamatas, Manzanillas and a unique variety of stuffed Green Queen Olives.
We also provide you with basics ingredients like lemon juice, vegetables and peppers that enhance your everyday meals.

Now, the Castella culinary oasis that has been available to distributors and restaurants for nearly twenty-five years is available to you, the consumer and at-home chef, at Shop around and experience for yourself!

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