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What are Castella's Oddities?

Accidents happen! From dented cans to torn labels, there are some Castella products that are a little... Odd! However, these delicacies are still as delicious as their perfectly packaged counterparts! Castella's Oddities is our dedicated initiative to reduce food waste and make certain all our Castella specialties are enjoyed.

Our Goal

 Castella strives to reduce food waste and encourage affordable healthy eating by offering our high-quality products with damaged packaging at reduced costs. Despite the packaging being damaged, the product is still delicious!

Why Eat Odd?

Save Money

All of Castella's Oddities are available at a discounted price. That's all the goodness of Castella products at a reduced rate!

Give Back

A percentage of all purchases of Castella's oddities are donated towards fighting hunger and food insecurity.

Decrease Food Waste

While damaged packaging may make Castella's Oddities a little less eye-catching, they still contain the same delicious products. Don't let them go to waste!

Be Healthier

Castella's high quality products are a wonderful part of a healthy lifestyle with their fresh, nutritious ingredients.

Exciting Variety

Don't see what you're looking for today? Check back again in a few days! Our oddities are a constant revolving door of deliciousness!